Monday Night Football report!

Sorry to be a bit late with this, it has just been one of those days, know you all can identify with that!!  Anyhow, MNF game was terrific.  RG III and Redskins outlasted Eli and the New York Giants, 17 – 16.  This is the third consecutive win by the Redskins and they are back in the race for their division!  RG III has been called by many the most exciting new player in the NFL!  He may well be.  One sign in the crowd summed it up, “RG III, We have been waiting 80 years for you”!  That being said, Eli and his hair looked REALLY good.  Those wavy locks were to die for, and I personally really liked the scruffy facial hair, a shade more than the five o’clock shadow!!  What do you guys think??

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