More good news for Georgia Tech?

In what could be perceived as “good news” for Georgia Tech, it is reported that Matt Barkley, QB for USC, is not likely to play in the Sun Bowl against the Jackets and risk further injury as he prepares to enter the NFL draft.  They will likely face backup and next year’s starter, Max Wittek.  GT’s interim defensive coordinator Charles Kelly has said it will make no difference in how they prepare to defend USC.  After all, they have Marquis Lee and tons of other offensive weapons.  Still, maybe it is a bit of good news for the Jackets.

Elsewhere, rumors swirl that the Philadelphia Eagles are prepared to make a strong push to lure Chip Kelly away from Oregon.  Does he want to follow in the foot steps of Pete Carroll (USC) and head to the NFL?  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, could this Sunday be the end of the road for Coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia?  Perhaps Michael Vick (who will start) as well?

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