Movie – Identity Thief

Finally saw a movie, has been awhile, used to try and go almost every week, gee I miss the good old days!  Anyhow, had been looking forward to seeing Identity Thief.  Big fan of Melissa McCarthy, loved her as Sooki on Gilmore Girls, love her on Mike and Molly, and well, when it comes to the movie Bridesmaids, what can you say about her performance??  Hilarious!

I also really like Jason Bateman.  I have enjoyed him in many movies, really liked him in Switch with Jennifer Aniston, even though it wasn’t a big hit.  I have mixed feelings about this movie (Identity Thief) in all honesty.  On the one hand, it definitely delivered some outlandish comedic moments, the laugh out loud throughout the theater kind of funny that I was hoping for.  Then again, it seemed to go a bit too far or too long with the ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong, Melissa McCarthy does some comedy in this movie that no other actress in Hollywood could pull off.  But, it seemed to go right up to the edge, then fall over a tad.  There is of course a feel good ending, Bateman’s character is too good of a person for it not to have a “heartwarming” ending, of sorts.

I am eagerly looking forward to seeing Safe Haven next week, based on the best seller by Nicholas Sparks.  It was a good read and with Josh Duhamel, well it just could not be a bad couple of hours any way you slice it.  All you guys better get ready to take your sweetheart because it will probably be “the” movie to see next weekend after Valentines Day!

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