Movie night anyone?

Lots of great Christmas movies on always at this time of year.  Also, some great movies that seem to be best watched again and again during the holidays.

Tonight, I could not resist Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey (maybe that explains why) and Jennifer Garner.  But most of all, The Sound of Music was on and for some reason I cannot get this thought out of my mind, so I am going to just throw it out there.  This movie is a classic; beautiful story, acting and scenery and there is just something about Christopher Plummer.  He is superb, in everything, but for some reason I kept watching him in this movie, a very young Christopher Plummer and was reminded of Russell Crowe.  Perhaps something in his mannerisms?  It was just a thought or an impression that kept reoccurring to me, so call me crazy, but I enjoyed both movies.

A few other movies have been cute and cheesy, some on Lifetime, some on Hallmark Channel.  One I found sort of cute was Mira Sorvino in Finding Mrs. Claus.  OK, I may have gone too far now, but hey, tis the season!


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