My Final Four picks…with some help from our President

OK guys, here it is!  As promised, my NCAA Final Four picks.  I have to admit, I struggled with this and had to get some help from watching our President, Barack Obama, give his picks so I could get some perspective.  I really wanted to put an ACC team through to the final four, being a GT fan, but at the end of the day, probably not going to happen.  Here is my Final Four:

Louisville, Gonzaga, Michigan, and Indiana.  Semifinal – Louisville vs. Indiana and the NCAA Champion…Indiana!

Now, I do have Duke facing off against Louisville in the Midwest but I do not see Duke prevailing, still can never completely count out the Dukies and Coach K.  Also, in the East, Miami against Indiana in the round of eight with Indian prevailing.  OK, there you have it , what do you guys think?  Have you got your bracket set?

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