Nash returns, Lakers rally

Christmas came early for the Lakers!  Steve Nash returned last night and the Lakers came from behind to defeat the Warriors, 118 – 115.  Nash had 12 points and 9 assists in his return, dishing the ball with precision and accuracy just as he has done so brilliantly throughout his 17 year career.  Kobe had 34 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 steal.  Lakers defense needs some work, but offense is looking A-OK!

In other sports news, Nick Swisher, formerly of the NY Yankees, has signed a lucrative four year deal with the Cleveland Indians ($54 million).  He is married to the lovely Joanna Garcia (actress).

Also, rumors abound that at the end of the season, Tim Tebow is headed home, that would be back to Jacksonville to play for his hometown team, the Jaguars.  I don’t know, not confirmed but could very well happen.

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