Nashville and I think I told you so…

ABC hit drama Nashville was on last evening  in all it’s drama.  Rayna and Juliette are out on tour and Juliette is miffed because she feels she is playing second fiddle to Rayna (second fiddle to Rayna as well when it comes to Deacon).  Liam, Rayna’s new guitar player sets up a special record deal offer for her with newcomer Calista, but Rayna discovers Liam was trying to double dip and make a special deal for himself.  Given her issues with husband Teddy, Rayna is in no mood to tolerate anyone lying to her and fires him.  Meanwhile, Juliette after going to court with her addition prone mother and seeing Deacon, calls on him and begs him to join her on tour.  Deacon is down and out after quitting his tour (he wanted out anyway) and being confronted by Rayna after an untruthful but disparaging article is written regarding him.  He tells Rayna he always felt she would wait for him (after his five stints in rehab) and he is not over her choosing Teddy over him.  Rayna and Teddy are still trying to figure out their future.

Elsewhere, Avery who thinks he is now a superstar has become an obnoxious jerk, way full of himself.  His ex Scarlett and Gunner join up to play with his abandoned bandmates and Gunner still has issues regarding his exconvict brother who is now in violation of his parole.

In closing, the show ends with Rayna and Juliette boarding Juliette’s private plane to head back out on tour.  Teddy and the girls have come to see her off and late, but not to be denied, Deacon runs through the airport to board the plane much to Rayna’s surprise and Teddy’s shock and dismay.  Like I said, it was only a matter of time before Rayna and Deacon’s paths cross out on tour.  Next week, things may come to more than “paths crossing”?  Also, look for Teddy to be consoled by non other than Peggy.  This show just gets better and better!

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