Nashville on ABC continues to deliver

ABC hit new drama Nashville starring Connie Britton among others aired last night and once again, it delivered the goods.  This show continues to surprise and amaze.  Juliette throws Deacon a surprise birthday bash at the infamous Bluebird Cafe.  Deacon does not like surprises, especially on his birthday as he prefers to stay home and watch the movie Old Yeller.  (Love it!)  He shows up and is a good sport, even has a good time.  Juliette’s mom falls off the wagon and has to be carried out back to Juliette’s place.  Surprisingly, Juliette goes with her and is very compassionate.  She later has a dog (think old yeller) delivered by her assistant to Deacon as a b’day gift.  Perhaps Deacon’s other b’day gift was Rayna showing up at his bash.  In spite of the paparazzi and tabloid coverage hounding her and her girls over her divorce from hubby and new mayor, Teddy, Rayna decides to show up in support of her longtime friend/music collaborator and former lover.  She shares a tender moment with him after performing a new song she has written and dedicates it to him.  Teddy has continued to evolve, standing up to Lamar and adding old girlfriend/current lover, Peggy to his staff.  It would appear Teddy has grown a pair and it is not a temporary development.  Ignoring Lamar’s request for an appointment to deputy mayor, Teddy calls in old rival and longtime friend of Rayna (also Deacon’s sponsor) Coleman, and offers him the appointment to deputy mayor.  Way to go Teddy!  Meanwhile, Gunnar’s wayward brother winds up dead and beaten after Gunnar has a face off with him.  Gunnar is devastated, feeling once again he has abandoned his older brother.  Scarlett comforts him, and I do mean comforts him.  This show will resume next week, and more trouble, heartache, drama, and hopefully some happiness and joy will be in store for us.

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