Nashville recap

ABC hit drama Nashville returned last night!  To summarize, Gunnar has a brother who served eight years for armed robbery.  Kind of thought he had a “family secret”.  He takes Scarlett to see her uncle Deacon perform while on his way to greet his brother who is getting released and the lead singer in the band hits on her and Deacon blows a fuse.  He was looking for a reason to escape from this tour anyway.

Juliette finally agrees to an annulment of her “marriage” to her football star boyfriend/hubby.  He tells her that she once told him that if he ever really got to know her, he would not like her, and he tells her she was right.  OK, guess that drama has come to an end for now. (or not?)

Teddy is elected mayor.  I am not sure if he won on his own accord, of if Lamar bought him the election.  None the less, he is in and Peggy (his partner in crime in the money laundering crime who overdosed on pills) comes to congratulate him.  They almost kiss, but refrain.  Um…wander if something is going to happen here?

Rayna is trying to get on with her tour in spite of missing Deacon as her guitarist and accompanist.  She finds the replacement she is looking for in the guy who helped her develop her new sound, writing her own songs and emerging from the past of “greatest hits” non relevance.  Will this be a problem relationship waiting to happen?  She does fly home to be with Teddy and the girls as the election results are announced but all is not well.  I also think her path and Deacon’s are bound to cross.

Stay tuned…this saga of southern family dysfunction, control, and manipulation, etc. is just going to get better!  Very impressed with both Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere and the fact that they really do their own singing,  they are performing themselves without voice over!

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