Nashville recap

Our favorite new show, Nashville was on last night.  This show is in some ways like a nighttime soap opera, but better!  Maybe reminiscent of Dallas how many years ago?  OK, now I am just dating myself.  Let’s see…Gunnar’s brother who is in violation of his parole shows up and ends up staying with Gunnar and Scarlett, against Scarlett’s better judgement.  Somehow, I think his presence is going to lead to some big problems.  Juliette and Rayna are wrapping up the first leg of their tour.  Rayna is dreading going home and facing telling her daughters about their parents getting a divorce.  Her former potential business partner and guitarist, Liam, shows up in Atlanta and she embarks on a night of drinking and sobbing with him, baring her soul but fortunately, nothing else.  Deacon is of course not happy with what he sees but Rayna is not ready to talk with Deacon about their kiss in the elevator and what is going on in her life.  She will be, but I foresee a rocky road ahead with those two, perhaps leading to something, but still, the drama must continue.  Teddy is in touch with Peggy, and the oldest daughter overhears their phone conversation and later tells Rayna.  Teddy also appears to grow a pair when he tells Rayna’s sister and Lamar’s “spy” that who he talks to and what is going on in his personal life is none of their business.  Good for Teddy, but will he really become his own person or does Lamar own him?  Juliette, in one of her uber drama queen moments, fires her long time manager Glenn, and then returns to an empty and lonely house.  She invites her mother to come and live with her for awhile when she gets out of rehab.  Avery gets away from the witch of a  woman trying to manage him and his music career and goes with the gal who was previously linked to Gunnar.  So what is next??  Gee, a whole lot I imagine.  Teddy and Rayna will divorce and it will not go smoothly.  Gunnar is going to open himself up to a boat load of  trouble by believing he can give his brother another chance and perhaps drag Scarlett into the mess. And what is going to ultimately happen between Rayna and Deacon?  Well, we will just have to watch and see…Stay tuned, same time, same day next week! (Wednesday, 10:00 pm EST ABC)

Gotta say, that was exhausting!  Last night’s episode was good, but not as good as some have been.  Hopefully, it picks back up!

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