Nashville recap

Where to begin?  The popular ABC drama Nashville returned last night in all its glory (drama)!  This series is produced by Callie Khouri of Thelma and Louise fame, so you know it is really good!  OK, let’s see…Juliette marries her sweet and innocent football player boyfriend, or does she?  Deacon heads out on tour and hooks up with a reporter that he apparently had a previous relationship with some fourteen years ago.  Still, he is thinking of Rayna.  Speaking of Rayna, she and Teddy are at odds over her heading out on tour.  She wants to take the girls with her as she is no longer feeling like the marriage is what it should be, she cannot trust him since he lied, stole money, his partner in crime tried to kill herself, and at the end of the day, he is a pawn in the hands of her rich and controlling nutcase of a father.  Then, a big secret bombshell is dropped, their oldest daughter is not Teddy’s.  He is the only father she has ever know, but he is not the biological father.  Gee, wander who is…could it be Deacon?  But, in a very uncharacteristic show of backbone, Teddy stands up to Lamar (Rayna’s father) when he threatens to expose this well kept secret.  Tres impressive…Rayna decides to head out on tour with Juliette and let the girls stay with Teddy, they will visit her and she will return when she can on non show dates.  Wonder how long before her path crosses with Deacon’s while they are on the road?

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