National Signing Day tomorrow

Big day in college football tomorrow, National Signing Day with coverage beginning at 7:30 am on ESPNU and continuing until 7:00 pm EST.  That is all day coverage folks!

So where will the nations #1 recruit, Robert Nkemdiche land?  Ole Miss?  Or will it be a surprise, say perhaps LSU?  Nkemdiche is out of Gwinnett County, GA and his brother plays at Ole Miss.  Momma wants him to play with his brother.  He is expected to do what momma says, but he did recently make a visit to Les Miles and LSU where he reportedly spent some time hanging out with Shaq.  We will find out for sure tomorrow.

As of now, the projected top ten recruiting classes are: 1 Florida, 2 Alabama, 3 Notre Dame, 4 Ohio State, 5 Michigan, 6 LSU 7 Texas A & M (helps to have the Heisman Trophy QB returning as a sophomore), 8 USC, 9 UGA and 10 FSU.

Stay tuned…there is usually a surprise or two in store for us on this day!

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