NBA All Star Festivities

Last night, all of the pre-NBA All Star game “teaser” events  took place.  Back in the day, these events were more high profile, especially the Slam Dunk contest because all the “top players” participated, think Dr. J, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan.  Now, that is no longer the case.  At any rate, the show goes on and last night rookie Terrence Ross of Toronto won the Slam Dunk contest.  The 3 point shooting contest was won by Cleveland rookie Kyrie Irving (of Duke) and the Skills Competition went to Portland rookie, Damian Lillard.  The Shooting Stars Contest was won by the trio of Bosh, Cash and Wilkins.

I thought the best part of the show, besides the Slam Dunk Contest which was not bad, was listening to “Chuck” (Charles Barkley) and Shaq!  Very entertaining banter.  The actual All Star Game takes place tonight from Houston, TX at 8:00 pm EST on TNT.

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