NBA All Star Game

NBA All Star game was on in all its glory (?) last night.  You all saw it, or perhaps not.  Anyhow, as far as NBA All Star games go, it was actually a good one with the Western Conference All Stars wining for the third year in a row, 143 –  128.  Clearly, there is not a lot of defense played in this game.  Non the less, it was entertaining and close.  The Eastern All Stars were lead by Carmelo Anthony with 26 points, Dwyane Wade with 21 points and LeBron James with 19 points (more on that later).  The Western Conference All Stars were led by Kevin Durant with 30 points, MVP Chris Paul with 20 points and 15 assists, and Blake Griffin with 19 points.  Kobe Bryant had 9 points with 9 assists.  Perhaps the most interesting “defense” occurred in the 4th period when Kobe decided to guard LeBron and make it a little bit personal.  There had been much talk during the week celebrating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday about who was the heir apparent, Kobe or LeBron.  MJ had chimed in and chosen Kobe.  Kobe decided to take the whole All Star mentality to another level and guarded LeBron in the 4th period, blocking a shot in classic Kobe style and limiting LeBron’s production.  Classic Kobe, always the competitor.  Not too bad a game all in all, given that All Star games are usually full of showboating and one ups man ship!

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