NBA All Star Rising Stars Game

Last night we were treated to the NBA Rising Stars Game, composed of rookies and second year players.  The teams were coached by “Chuck” and “Shaq”.  Chuck’s team beat Shaq’s team, 159 – 131.  Yep, you saw it right, not much defense in this sort of game!  Actually, a new scoring record for this game.  Big stars were Kenneth Faried with 40 points and Kyrie Irving (former point guard from Duke).  A whole lot of showboating goes on in these sorts of entertainment games. Tonight we will have the Dunk Contest, 3 point shooting contest and others.  Looking forward to the actual game on Sunday evening.  Gotta wonder, will Kobe try and make a statement and go for it, try to be the MVP?  Or will it be the LeBron James show?  Perhaps someone else will step up and be the star? Stay tuned…and look for all the action on TNT.

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