NBA: Lakers vs. OKC on tonight!

Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers will take on Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder tonight at 9:30 pm EST on ESPN.  Pretty good game going on right now, Celtics vs. 76er’s in the 4th!  Could the Lakers vs. the Thunder be a preview of the Western Conference Final?  That depends on if the Lakers can get it together and keep it together.  I hope they do. Go Lakers! (I love LA!)

Apologies, no movie review today.  Well, what can I say.  Life happens, and tis the season, ho, ho, ho.  I will get to the theater to view one of the movies currently out in the next few days.  Should it be, Killing Them Softly (Brad Pitt!!), Silver Linings Playbook (highly acclaimed), or the new romcom Playing for Keeps?  Let’s get some feedback, what would you see??  I plan to eventually see them all!

Tomorrow, College Football will be Army vs. Navy!  This is more than rivalry and college football, this is tradition and more.  It is Army vs. Navy!!!

Until tomorrow…

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