New look Lakers putting it together?

Before the NBA season started, all we heard about was the new look Lakers, the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.  Well, here we are almost to February, and things have been rocky to say the least.  They fired their coach and hired a new one.  There have been numerous injuries, Nash, Gasol, and Howard.  And most importantly, they have really struggled to figure out how to play together with all the talent, perhaps a bit aging but still, a bunch of talent.  The past two games have shown a huge ray of hope for Lakers fans (myself included).  Kobe has become the facilitator with 28 assists in the past two game.  They beat the team with the best record in the Western Conference on Sunday (OKC) and looked really good doing so.  They will host the New Orleans Hornets (next year to be the Pelicans?) tonight in LA.  Will be interesting to see if this improved play continues and if they have in fact figured out a winning formula.  Can they make it into the playoffs?  I hope they can!

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