New movie Flight soars!

Saw the new movie Flight starring Denzel Washington.  This is a very complex and complicated character that Denzel plays.  The character of Whip Whitaker (portrayed with Washington’s usual brilliance) is no Captain Scully.  His actions are heroic and life saving but his character is tortured and flawed.  The always superb Don Cheadle is wonderful as a Chicago lawyer who fervently tries to save him legally, and the mesmerizing Jessica Chastain shines as a recovering addict who tries to save him from his addictions.  John Goodman plays an enabler extraordinaire and is having quite a fall as far as movie roles himself.  He was also seen in the movie Argo with Ben Affleck.  Flight is a definite must see and will most likely result in Oscar buzz once again for Denzel and others.  If I could only see one, between Argo and Flight, I would choose Argo.  None the less, Flight soars.  The ending is heartbreaking and heartwarming!!

So why choose when one can see them both!!

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