NFL and Peyton updates continue…and how about pop culture and some sex!

OK, I bet I got your attention with that …the “sex” in the title.

First things first.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are undefeated no more, losing to the Bengals, 13 – 6…really?  Have to admit, I watched the golf and so NFL action is on you.. check!  But, this game in Dallas is a great one, it is a bit of “tag you are it” between Peyton Manning and Tony Romo.  In the 4th quarter, score tied. 41 – 41.  We will get a final on this one shortly.

SNF will feature Houston at San Francisco…worth watching if for nothing more than the beautiful views in and around the Bay area of San Fran!  California is so beautiful, but I prefer southern California.

MNF will feature the New York Jets coming to the ATL to play the struggling Falcons.  Hope the Falcons can turn things around and do what they have the talent to be ball games!  Meanwhile, the Braves are 1-1 with the team from southern California, the Dodgers and that is going to be a great series in MLB playoff action.  Red Sox won again today!

In Indy Race today in Houston, a horrific wreck took place involving my guy, Dario Franchitti and Takuma Sato.  I did not see it, was watching golf, remember?  Anyhow, just read the report, Dario taken to the hospital with a sore back and ankle.  Also, thirteen fans in the stands injured.  Just awful!!!  Scott Dixon finished second in this double header race, Dixie won yesterday, and Dixon goes into the final race of the season in first place in the points standings.  Still, all concerns must be with those fans and with Dario.  Thoughts and prayers go out to them….

Tonight, The Good Wife is on, episode number two and another new hot ABC show at 10:00 pm EST...Betrayal.  Thus, the “sex”.  Check it out.  I watched the first episode, Stuart Townsend (Charlize Theron’s ex) is one of the stars.  Everyone else noticing all the “movie stars” taking good TV roles?  Anyhow, it is shall we say “tantalizing”!  Also finally saw a movie last week, one at the theater.  It was Don Jon with Joseph Gordin- Levitt (directed the movie as well) and Scarlett Johansson.  It was all about sex!  Also starred Julianne Moore in a very interesting role.  Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “Jersey Boys”!  OK, until the final of the Broncos and and the Cowboys!  And here it is…Denver 51 – Cowboys 48!  Romo throws interception with just under two minutes.  Broncos advance ball and run the clock down and kick winning FG.  Of course, Peyton wins!  4 passing TD’s  and one rushing TD.  Broncos remain undefeated!

Another update: Dario Franchitti suffered a fractured right ankle and a spinal fracture (will not require surgery) in today’s crash in Houston.  My, oh my!

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