NFL Firing Squad

The regular season in the NFL has come to an end, and let the firings begin.  Great way to start the New Year, uh???

So far reports indicate that the following firings have taken place:

Lovie Smith fired by Chicago Bears after 9 seasons; Philadelphia Eagles fire Andy Reid; San Diego fires Norv Turner; (neither of these two a big surprise)  NY Jets fire GM but keep Rex Ryan; Buffalo Bills fire Chan Gailey (form GT coach); Cleveland Browns fire both coach Shumur and GM; Kansas City and Tennessee have reportedly fired their head coaches (?), unconfirmed; and in a bit of a surprise, Arizona fires head coach Ken Whisenhunt and their GM.  Whisenhunt was a star tight end at GT.

Wow, and it has only been one day since the regular season came to a conclusion.  Also, Bill O’Brien of Penn State is said to be on the short list of desired hires for a number of NFL teams, in addition to Chip Kelly of Oregon.

Stay tuned…

Update: Kansas City head coach fired, Tennessee head coach to return??

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