NFL Sunday news…

We have some winners!!  A few teams have clinched their divisions today.  The Houston Texas have done so with a 24 – 10 win over Tennessee.  The New England Patriots have followed suit with a win over Miami, 23 – 13.  Another final, Green Bay over Minnesota, 23 – 14.

Denver and Peyton Manning can clinch their division today with a win over Tampa Bay.  They are up 7 -0, early.  Jay Cutler is back in action for the Chicago Bears, and they trail Seattle in OT, 23 – 17.  This is now a final!

Afternoon game will feature Pittsburgh (without Big Ben) vs. Baltimore.  The Ravens can clinch their division with a win.

Following the ever popular Sunday theme of where in the world are the Manning boys?, Peyton and Denver are in action against Tampa Bay (see above).  Peyton will also be in action on TNF when the Broncos face off against the Raiders.  As for little brother, Eli, he and the Giants will face RG III and the Washington Redskins on MNF.  Now speaking of some great hair, I mean really!!

SNF will offer Philadelphia vs. Dallas.  Most likely, Philadelphia will be without Micheal Vick.

Update!!! Andrew Luck and his magic strike again, TD pass to Avery with time running out and the Colts defeat the Lions, 35 – 33!

Back with more finals later…

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