NFL today on Friday before the Super Bowl

The NFL today before the Super Bowl is full of news.  Let’s start with commissioner Roger Goodell giving his state of the NFL address.  (Who knew, not only do we have a State of the Union address, we have a state of the NFL address?) Anyhow, Goodell says that the state of the NFL is safer, that they will continue to suspend players for illegal hits.  Further, he lauds the comeback of players such as Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.  He then told us that the NFL is close to reaching an agreement with the players union and expects to be testing for HGH by the start of the 2013 season.  Did he make a Super Bowl prediction?  No, he did not.

The Harbaugh brothers (John and Jim) gave a joint press conference today, the first ever by two brothers as coaches whose teams were competing in the Super Bowl.  Pretty cool.  By the way, the weather in New Orleans looks pretty nice to me (high of 38 here, yuck!).  John was dressed for success in a suit, Jim was causal and did not look like he really wanted to be there.  They both said they had given no thought what so ever to the “hand shake” after the game.  Bet Mom and Dad have!

SportsNation is also in New Orleans, is anybody not in New Orleans right now?  Jerry Rice did a nice little dance to the lyrics of “best there ever was”.  Lolo Jones, a LSU alum, gave her pick, San Francisco.  Are you guys ready for my pick?  I am still leaning toward San Francisco, not yet ready to confirm it.  I promise, it is coming!

Who will win NFL MVP?  What about Comeback Player of the Year?  Rookie of the Year?  We will find out tomorrow.  I will make those predictions now.  MVP – Adrian Peterson;  Comeback Player of the Year – Peyton Manning;  Rookie of the Year – very intriguing race between RG III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson…and the award goes to RG III.  Let’s see if I am right tomorrow!

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