NFL tomorrow!

Hard to believe that we have now arrived at the conference championship games, then a short break, then the Super Bowl from New Orleans.  But, that is where we are in the NFL this season.  Tomorrow, first up at 3:00 pm EST, San Francisco visits Atlanta for the NFC championship game.  This one could be really interesting!  San Francisco comes into Atlanta as a favorite (bit of an insult to the Falcons since they are the #1 seed and have a really good dome record).  Kaepernick could pose all kinds of problems for the Atlanta defense. Also, the question of John Abraham and his ankle will be relevant to the Falcons and their defensive performance.  Hard to call this game.  As a Falcon fan, I want to say Atlanta!  I want to see Matt Ryan and company finally make that push through the great regular seasons and make it to the Super Bowl.  It will either be really close, or kind of ugly for the Falcons I think.  OK, I am going to be a “homer”, and say FALCONS!

Next up tomorrow, Baltimore and Ray Lewis on his “farewell tour” visit Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (I was going to say pretty boy Tom Brady, then thought better of it, then thought what the heck!).  Gotta go with New England in this game.  May get a surprise but I think Brady and company including Coach Belichick will just be too much in New England.  If I am wrong, and both San Francisco and Baltimore win, we will have an all Harbaugh brothers Super Bowl.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s  action!

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