Nice hair, [it] really looks nice

Summer is ending, Fall is beginning!  What a weekend of College Football we have coming up!

Who is most likely to pull the upset on the road, I think maybe Michigan at Notre Dame?  Maybe, and very maybe, Clemson at FSU?  Oregon and Arizona should be interesting as well.  I still do not think USC is out of National Championship picture yet.  There are going to be some one loss SEC teams, so what happens with FSU and Clemson and later on when FSU goes to Blacksburg to play VT will be important.

Furyk is now in the lead at the Fed Ex Tour Championship, Kuchar in second, Tiger hanging around.  More to follow.. Tiger double bogeys, Rory eagle putts, things are changing rapidly as one would expect…

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Missed the back nine today, just enjoyed seeing Problem With The Curve.  Entertaining movie with the always adorable Amy Adams and never fails to deliver Clint Eastwood.  Justin Timberlake, well can take him or leave him, but he is pretty good in the movie.  A great movie for lovers of the great American pastime, ie., Baseball!  Did not get great ratings but that is par for the course, subjective of course, and to each his own.  I enjoyed it.

Back to golf, it appears Tiger took a bit of a stumble, moving down the leaderboard shooting 3 over for the day while Rory came on strong and is 3 under, trailing the leader Jim Furyk who is 7 under followed by Justin Rose at 6 under.  Football and day three of the Tour Championship should make for a huge sports day tomorrow!

Want to share a personal experience I have had today.  For any of you out there who are feeling pulled down by other people’s negativity and manipulative wranglings, things are maybe better than you think.  Have not felt the best the past week or so and recently had my first haircut at a new place (all you gals can relate!).  Anyhow, after the movie I thought about staying in but then decided to walk out and get a bite to eat.  First, the waiter carded me (at my age, always a boost and shock)!  Then, out of the blue the couple behind me got up to leave and the man in a very lovely British accent complimented me on my hair, saying “nice hair, really looks nice”.  So maybe things are never as bad as we think, in spite of some people’s attempts to pull us down.  Just thought I would pass that along for anyone out there who maybe needs a pick up and/or can relate!

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