No, Not so fast!

Djokovic takes cares of Ferrer in four sets so tomorrow Murray vs. Djoker for US Open title.  Should be a good one.  Later today, Serena vs. Azarenka, I expect Serena to prevail.  We shall see.

NFL is here at last!  Falcons in tight battle with Kansas City, tied 17-17.  Good to see Micheal sitting along side Curt, Howie, and Terry.

BMW Championship underway, Lefty is really coming on strong.  More to follow…

Falcons pouring it on now. Tony G having great day as is Matt Ryan.  Anybody know that Matt Ryan married Sara Marshall (spelling could be Sara or Sarah?)  Just like movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall???

Stephen Hill and Calvin Johnson, two former GT standout receivers both having big opening days.

BMW now “all about Rory”. What a performance.  Tiger made a late run but not enough.  Lefty and Westwood finish tied for second, Tiger third.

UPSET ALERT: No, Not so fast!  Serena wins US Open title over Azarenka in a tremendous match, 6-2, 2-6, 7-5.  Surely these are the two best women tennis players in the world right now.  Anyone notice member of LMFAO in Azarenka’s box?  “There’s a party in the house tonight, everybody’s gonna have a good time”!  The good time went to Serena.

What a weekend of sports.  Had to catch a break this am and watch a bit of Meg Ryan rom-com fluff, Kate and Leopold.  Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber were a nice diversion as well.  So long for now…

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