No Zen Master return to LA

The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach!! INTERESTING!  Phil Jackson, according to sources, was shocked to hear the news that he had not been the one hired??  Well, let’s evaluate.  D’Antonio may not have been the popular “people’s choice”, but he may turn out to be the right choice.  Time will tell, with  immediate results available for evaluation as the Lakers take the court against Phoenix on Tuesday night.  Kobe was reported to express his support, saying he loved Phil Jackson, but he was excited about the hire of D’Antoni.  Kobe loved playing for him while a part of Team USA, and idolized him while growing up in Italy.  Let’s face it, making Kobe “happy”, is important for the Lakers.  Also, Steve Nash earned two MVP awards while playing for D’Antoni while playing in Phoenix.  The offense should be more up tempo under D’antonio which should make both Lakers fans and players happy.  Maybe, it was one of those decisions that was based on the logic of do not go backwards, just go forward.  Let’s sit back and see…

(He reportedly recieved a three year deal worth 12 million dollars).

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