Not happy with Tennis Year End Result…but it is what it is…

I love Roger Federer.  I in no way try to hide it or apologize for it. I think he is class personified, not to mention the most beautiful and talented tennis player we have ever seen (kind of quoting John McEnroe there).  Any how, he lost the ATP World Tour Final today to Novak Djokovic today, 6 – 7. 5 – 7.  OK, let’s give Djokovic his due.  He is ending the year as the no. 1 ranked player, with Federer at no. 2 (after holding no. 1 for four months!).  This loss was disappointing for Federer (as it was for me) which says so much about him, the fact that after ALL he has accomplished, he still cares so much!  I like Djokovic, I really do, but I could do without the chest pounding and the shirt ripping, just not my cup of tea.  But the result is in, Djokovic wins, he ends the year at no.1, Roger Federer ends the year at no. 2.  We all await what Rafael Nadal will bring  to 2013.  Only 60 plus days to Australian Open, the start of the tennis year for 2013.

I am disappointed, I wanted Roger Federer to win.  I ALWAYS want Roger Federer to win.  But at the end of the day, he is 31 years old, he is married with two twin daughters, he has accomplished essentially everything one could hope to accomplish in his incomparable career as a tennis champion, so he is the runner-up at the 2012 Year End Tournament.  2013 will bring what it will bring.  Until then, best wishes to all the tennis guys, and see you next year!!

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