Observations after watching Federer – Murray semifinal

After watching the replay of the thrilling five set semifinal match between Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray, here are some observations (albeit from a Federer fan!!).

1) Roger looked a bit tired, no denying it.  The five set quarterfinal match with Tsonga took it’s toll.  Important to note: Roger Federer has never played back to back five set matches in a Grand Slam.

2) From a superstitious viewpoint:  He wore the wrong color undershirt.  He should have worn the black one, wore it at Wimbledon and in the five set victory over Tsonga two days prior.  Just saying…

3) Federer did not play aggressive, attacking tennis like he needs to do to win against the likes of Murray, Djokovic and Nadal at this stage in his career.  Part of this can perhaps be attributed to Murray’s play and Roger having to play a good bit of defensive tennis.

4) Finally, Federer’s magnificent serve was sketchy.  He needs this very important weapon to be spot on when he plays the likes of the other big four players to have a really great shot at winning.  His serve was good, but not up to the standard he needs it to be at in a match of this magnitude against this great level of competition.

OK, I am a Federer fan, and I am sad.  I will get over it.  Hoping for a great final between Djokovic and Murray.  Onto the next Masters Tournament in which Federer will compete and I still believe…he will win a Slam in 2013!  (Making it 18!)

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