One more slam on the ACC…

Sunday Night Football: Eagles win close one over Eli Manning and the Giants who missed a game winning field goal as time was running out.

Monday Night Football features Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys.  Bears are up 24-10 in the third quarter. Final score Bears 34 – Dallas 18.  Romo throws five, that would be FIVE interceptions.

Another slam for the ACC.  SportsNation did a feature on the top 5 plays in college football this past weekend.  One was the game winning reception for a TD that gave Cincinnati the “upset” victory over Virginia Tech.  The other one (ranked number 2) was a one handed catch in the back of the end zone made by a Middle Tennessee State receiver in the humiliating defeat of Georgia Tech. (Shame, Shame and more Shame!!)

Speaking of SportsNation, Colin Cowherd said he thinks the best college football in the country is being played in the SEC and the Pac-12.  The SEC features the best defense and the Pac-12 feature the most exciting offense.  Will be interesting to see if a team from each of these conferences ends up in the BCS title game.  It is still early…

DVR is on to record Half the Sky airing on PBS.  Will also be recording part two tomorrow evening.  I want to watch it uninterrupted!

Confession: Watching Castle and the tension between Espisito and Ryan is pretty hysterical.

Drew Barrymore had a baby girl last week (9/26/12) with her husband Will Kopelman.  They named her Olive Barrymore Kopelman.  Love the use of family names.  I think Drew will be a great mom.  She radiates happiness!!

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