Oregon on outside looking in after loss, Gone Girl

2 Oregon is now on the outside looking in after a bad loss at home last night to undefeated Arizona, 31-24.  Oregon has struggled the past couple of weeks or so, injuries to their depleted offensive line have made things tough for QB Marcus Mariota (is he still the Heisman favorite, I want it for him) and last night was the same story…multiple sacks and turnovers.  The Oregon defense gave up over 500 yards of offense to Arizona in Autzen Stadium.  With this loss, they fall out of the projected final four in this first year of the College Football playoff and inaugural Championship game.  Still..more football to be played.  A lot of important games tomorrow, especially in the SEC.  If the Pac 12 teams beat up on each other as the SEC teams do…who knows what will happen?  Very disappointed for the Ducks…wanted to see them keep it going!

Saw Gone Girl today at the theater not near me.  Have to admit this theater not near me is wearing on me.  Really wish they would finish renovating the theater near me!  Anyhow, this movie was chilling, a true up close and personal look at the mind of a sociopath.  Amy, can never be “Amazing Amy” as portrayed in the books written by her “perfect” parents.  Her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) is much more of a regular guy but the pressure of the marriage to Amy does not bring out the best in him.  But we all know (those of us who have read and/or are reading the book), he is not a murderer.  He is some things, but not that.  Don’t want to give too much away, also the ending is not the same as the book (no surprise there, when is it ever?)  Really tremendous performances by supporting cast of Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.  Still, troubling movie in some respects, really showcases how manipulative and cruel some relationships can be.  I need some light, feel good entertainment after this move.  Oh yes, the return of The Last Man Standing with Tim Allen should fit the bill!

Until later…

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