Oscar Pistorius story

The Oscar Pistorius story is one I have wanted to avoid.  This story is so sordid, heartbreaking, and sad that one just wants to look away.  Unfortunately, it cannot be ignored.  Pistorius, the Olympic competitor with two prosthetic legs is accused of premeditated murder in the death of his model girlfriend in South Africa.  He fired three shots into the bathroom, thinking it was an intruder after she apparently locked herself in the bath room to protect herself after an argument.  Really?  There had been domestic issues prior to this incident, but he claims he thought it was an “intruder” in the bathroom.  Well, believe what you want.  This story is AWFUL!!  A beautiful girl is dead.  He seems completely broken and destroyed.  Seems like maybe he was a bit that way prior to this event?  Today, he was granted bail.  At the end of the day, there will be way too many lives impacted and destroyed by this senseless violence.  She is dead, he will likely be convicted (?) and spend who knows how many years in jail.  And the families of both, heartbroken and devastated forever.  Too sad…last  post  I will do on this horrific story.

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