Private Practice finale

Well, Private Practice has run its course.  The finale of this long running show aired last night and I guess in some ways, everybody got their “happily ever after”.  Addison wed Jake (Benjamin Bratt) and appeares to be blissfully happy with him and adopted son Henry.  Amelia appears to have fully rebounded from her addition battles and has not only found love, but more importantly has reclaimed her life back as well.  Charlotte, Cooper and four kids, one from his previous relationship and their three baby girl triplets are adapting, in some ways, Cooper says it is time for a nanny and Charlotte gives in.  Sheldon quits the practice to spend the remaining months left with his dying love, (cancer) and Violet writes another book that she wants to call “Private Practice”.  In perhaps the biggest surprise wrap up of all, Naomi returns for Addison’s wedding, hooks up with her ex, Sam, played by the wonderful Taye Diggs, and then returns pregnant.  Turns out she has broken up with her boyfriend and in a predictable but yet unforeseen ending, Sam and Naomi rewed with a baby on the way and we all assume they will head into happily ever after as well.  Farewell to this show, I really did enjoy it for a number of years.

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