Problem With The Curve

Louis on fire at TPC Boston.  Rory close behind and Tiger on their tail (no pun intended).

In Surviving “Paradise”, the horny, inappropriate cop was more interested in my tail than the criminal Bulgarian neighbors!

WOW! How about Chipper Jones walk off home run in bottom of the ninth against Papelbon and the Phillies to give the Braves a much needed 8-7 win!  He is the Derek Jeter of the South!  Colin Cowherd of Sports Nation has said that twice, after I said it .  I feel like he stole my line!  Go Braves!

Saw an add for a movie coming out September 21, 2012 called Problem With The Curve.  This movie stars Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.  LOVE Amy Adams.  Cannot wait to see this movie!! Back in touch tomorrow.  Got Roger Federer up on Arthur Ashe Stadium and Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech on ESPN at 8:00pm.  GO JACKETS!!

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