Quack Attack on full display

4 Oregon and their high octane offense, “quack attack”, was on full display and Oregon rolled to an 35 – 17  final over 5 Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl.  Now, the question looms, will coach Chip Kelly stay or will he go the NFL?  Bigger question for me, since I consider Oregon one of my “other” teams, what could have been had they not lost that heartbreaker in OT to Stanford at home, 14 – 17.  Taking nothing away from Stanford, another one one my”other” teams, but had the Ducks prevailed, they would likely be playing in Monday night’s BCS Championship game.  Will be interesting to see where Oregon ends up in the BCS rankings after all is said and done.  They are also a young team with many starters returning, so they should look to be right back at or near the top next year.

Over and out for now…

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