Rafa and Roger

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.  Two of the greatest ever (Fed being the greatest of all time in my humble and unbiased (not) opinion).  A tale of two attitudes.  Rafa is currently speaking out about how difficult it is for tennis athletes to play so many tournaments on hard courts.  Well, tennis is a four surface sport.  It is not just a clay court event.  There is clay, grass, hard- courts, and indoor hard-courts, some hard-courts being fast and some being slower.  Rafa has really struggled with his health due to the wear and tear his style of play puts on his body, particularly the knees.  He is the undisputed King of clay, yet Roger Federer has been the second best clay court player in the world for a decade.  Roger is starting play tomorrow in Rotterdam and when interviewed about Rafa’s return, he said he was happy to see Rafa back although somewhat surprised by his loss in Chile. (weren’t we all!)  He then proceeded to joke that he had hoped that perhaps Rafa would come back as a “right handed” player!  Since Rafa as a lefty and has been such a thorn in Roger’s side, you gotta love the humor/sarcasm.  All kidding aside, it is great to see Rafa returning.  I know Roger who is good friends with Rafa is sincerely glad to see him return.  It is great for tennis and tennis fans.

Looking forward to seeing Mr. Federer in action tomorrow through Sunday (hopefully!)  Too bad, Tsonga lost and is out in Rotterdam.

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