Rory and Tiger now “Nike buddies”

With Rory Mcilroy getting a deal with Nike, he joins Tiger on the Nike endorsement bandwagon.  The two (#1 Rory and #2 Tiger in the golf world rankings) are set to square off this week in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship.  Play begins on Wednesday (10:40 pm EST).  It is always funny to me to hear talk of this “rivalry”.  Of course they are rivals, they are the two top ranked players in the world.  Also, Rory is the young gun and Tiger is the older, seasoned pro trying to make it back to number 1 after a personal life debacle derailed him a couple of years back (we all know the story, boring…so let’ s move on and focus on golf).  The irony of it all is these two really enjoy each other.  They enjoy the “rivalry”, they enjoy playing together and getting to know each other.  Tiger is not an easy person to get to know.  Rory, who is so unabashedly open and honest, seems to have achieved a genuine “golf friendship” with Tiger.  They both love sports and enjoy each others company, especially when on the course together.  This is really a great and interesting rivalry and hopefully it will bring us some tremendous golf to watch in the year ahead!

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