Rumble in Boston last night???

WOW, Grown men behaving badly!! Last night in the Celtics vs. Nets game, there was shall we say “a bit of a brawl”!  Rajon Rondo took offense when Kris Humphries (the at some point to be ex Mr. Kim Kardashian) shoved Kevin Garnett under the basket.  The next thing you knew, punches were being thrown everywhere.  It looked like angry kids on a playground!  Rondo, Humphries, and Net guard Gerald Wallace were all ejected after two technical fouls.  Garnett got one technical foul!  I guess it was a bit of a severe push, with Garnett being shoved out of bounds.  But seriously, with all the money these guys make, can’t they just get along????  I’m just saying…What would Kobe do??

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