Sad day at Grant Field!

It was a sad day at Grant Field for GT’s homecoming game against BYU.  Georgia Tech lost 41-17 and there is not a lot one can say except that it was awful if you are a Tech fan!  They had a blocked punt, missed field goal, so many missed tackles that you lost count, and well, all in all, just a bad, bad day.  There was a 96 yard kick off return for a TD.  There was the occasional pressure on the BYU quarterback, one which led to an interception for a TD.  Still, it was a troubling and emphatic loss.  Tevin Washington never got it going for Tech on offense.  Vad Lee finally appeared in the second half and did lead them down the field (with the aid of some penalties) but then they had to settle for a field goal.  I will post pic, it was the only bright spot of the day, me and two old friends!!

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