Showdown at Lambeau… Bears vs Packers

Better game on tonight, NFL, Bears vs. Packers or College Football, South Florida vs. Rutgers??  I am going to go with the showdown at Lambeau… Bears vs. Packers.  Packers do not want to start the year off 0-2 but Bears just might get it done.  Stay tuned ..

I will have to switch back and forth and of course jump over to ESPN Classics to check out rerun of Friday Night Lights, one of the best and most underappreciated tv shows ever!!

Well, no Friday Night Lights on tonight, maybe tomorrow night.

Yankees shut out Red Sox at Fenway 2-0.  My Boston buddy (from Survivng “Paradise”, self proclaimed prick from the Northeast!) is home visiting his friends for the first time in two years.  I know he is there and disappointed in his beloved Red Sox.  Such a storied franchise has become a soap opera and is in last place in the division.

Rutgers tied with South Florida in the 4th quarter.  Packers lead Bears 13-3 in 3rd quarter.

Great weekend of college football coming up.  Alabama vs. Arkansas has lost a bit of its lustre if Tyler Wilson cannot play for the Razorbacks.  Hope GT looks good against Virginia.

Monday night Petyon Manning and the Broncos will come a calling in the ATL to play Falcons.  Should be great!

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