Snowed and iced in…Russians getting it done in Figure Skating

Well, there is ice (snow, ice, sleet, YUK!) and then there is ice as in Figure Skating competition at the Olympics in Sochi.  First, snow and ice for the second time in three weeks in the ATL and across the south.  Not a boatload of fun if I do say so…gee, LA sounds so nice!!  But, in the interest of “going with the flow”…perhaps tomorrow and the next day will bring improvement!  Everybody stay safe!

In the first ever team Figure Skating event at the Olympics, the very strong Russian team took home the gold medal.  Canada took the silver and the USA took bronze.  The Russians are led by legendary male skater, Yvegeny Plushenko and two outstanding pairs teams.  The Russians have historically been strong in the pairs competition.  The Chinese took home the gold four years ago, but not this year.  The Russians took gold and silver, the Germans took bronze.  Plushenko will take to the ice tomorrow in the start of the men’s competition.  He first intended to only compete in the team competition but word is now that he will in fact compete in the individual event.  The Russian women are led by teenage phenom, Yula Lipnitskaya.  She is like a human pretzel and cute as a button.  The American are historically the team to beat when it comes to women’s competition (think Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipskinski, Sarah Hughes, just to cite recent history) but this year it looks like the young Russian is going to be hard to beat.  Gracie Gold of the USA is a beautiful skater and has a real shot at silver and Ashley Wagner skated well in the team competition and has a lot to prove after her controversial selection to the US team.  In ice dancing, the US is the team to beat.  Meryl Davis and Charlie White are perfection in ice dancing and their stiffest challenge will come from the Canadian team of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (who won the gold in Vancouver).

Meanwhile, disappointment for American Shaun White.  He failed to medal last night in his signature event, snowboarding halfpipe.  Really a shame for White, attempting to be the first male to win gold in three consecutive Olympics.  He had two bad runs, the second one would have won him gold if he could have pulled it off.

Tonight, Shani Davis will go for the gold in the 1000 meter speedskating event.  Shani is also attempting to become the first male to win three gold medals in consecutive Olympics.  He will compete in the 1500 meter event later as well.  GO Shani!

Until later, tying to thaw out!  To those of you dealing with this ferocious winter storm, stay warm and safe!

Update: Shani Davis fails to medal in the 1000 meter event.  Another disappointment for the Americans!

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