So Teddy is a thief, not a cheater?? (Nashville)

The winter season finale of the ABC hit drama Nashville aired last night.  Oh my!  Let’s see if we can summarize.  The weasel Avery is headed to Atlanta for a music deal, but he will have to ditch his longtime band mate and friend??  Deacon is offered the chance of a lifetime to tour with a great band, but has trouble leaving Nashville behind due to Rayna.  He will go on tour.  Also headed on tour, Rayna and Juliette together, Rayna has not said no, and she will say yes.  She needs distance from Teddy and the latest revelations about his past which have come to light.  Meanwhile, his cohort and former partner in crime tries to commit suicide, but will live (Kimberly Williams-Paisley).  And, Deacon’s adorable niece, former girlfriend of Avery, may or may not get a gig as lead singer for an up and coming band.  Meanwhile, Juliette proposed to her sweet football star boyfriend, after his Momma tells her in no uncertain terms, she is not good enough for him or their family! Gosh, did I leave anything out?  Probably, but hard to keep up.  Nashville will be back in January 2013 and I cannot wait!

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