Some College Football buzz…

We are 17 days away and counting until the BCS Championship Game in Miami between Alabama and Notre Dame.  One hot topic is who from Bama will stay and who will head to the NFL?  RB Eddie Lacy is a name that has been bantered about quite often lately as likely to declare for the draft.  He has said he will not decide until after the title game.  With TJ Yeldon waiting in the wings, and a number of his offensive lineman on their way out, sounds like it would be the time for him to go pro, especially after seeing what has happened to the likes of Marcus Lattimore the past two seasons.  Running backs do not tend to have a tremendous amount of longevity when it comes to playing time anymore.  Guess we will have to wait and see what he decides after January 7, 2013.  I am sure Nick Saban has him focused on one thing, THE GAME!!

A little bit of a shakeup in the coaching staff at UGA with defensive line coach and recruiting guru Rodney Garner heading to Auburn.  He will assume the title of Assistant Head Coach and recruiting coordinator there.  I think UGA defense will be fine, but they will miss him sorely when it comes to his recruiting talents and rapport with the players.

Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina seems like the next defensive candidate for next year’s Heisman race.  He is a beast, certainly one of  the best defensive players in the country this past year.  Look for him to be a force next year.

And…speaking of the Heisman, current Heisman winner, Johnny “Football” Manziel was spotted courtside at the recent Heat – Mavericks basketball game.  Oh, the chatter…how did he get those tickets???  He said it was a late birthday present he gave himself.  Who knows, maybe it was an early Christmas present as well.  He got to enjoy “the king” Lebron James put on a show up close and personal.  Speaking of LeBron, he has received yet another honor, just being named Sporting News Athlete of the Year.  Congrats to LeBron on yet another “trophy”.

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