Some Pop Culture news…I finally saw Skyfall!!

It took me awhile, but I finally did it, I saw Skyfall!  Yes, that would be Bond, James Bond. as played by Daniel Craig (Rachel Wiesz is a lucky lady in real life!!)  Anyhow, this movie is a different Bond movie, dare I say an “older” Bond in some ways.  After all, to quote Stevie Nicks in Landside, ” I’m getting older, too”!  It was a little long for my taste, I think a two hour movie is just right, Skyfall comes in at close to two and a half hours.  But, there are some interesting twists and turns.  Javier Bardem, a blonde Javier Bardem, as the villain is to die for, literally???  Also, Matthew Fox of Lost plays a hitman in the early stages of the film.  Moreover, Skyfall holds more significance than just the title of this latest edition of the Bond series.  (I am not going to ruin this movie by telling you more).  Also, the ending results in the loss of one of the characters that took me by complete surprise!  Bond will be back, but it will be different, as the ending of this movie ensures that!  I would give it a must see, just be prepared for two and a half hours!  Next up…Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly as a hitman…oh, I cannot wait!

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