Speaking of Federer

Things are looking questionable for Andy Roddick at US Open.  He is down two sets to one to Del Potro.  Will have to wait and see how it turns out.  Could be last time we see Andy in action?

Fed up later tonight against Berdych.  More to follow!

Well, sad day at US Open in more ways than one.  Andy Roddick’s career comes to an end.  I know I shed a tear, as did many of you.  Classy way for Del Potro to handle the occasion.  Andy has done a lot for US tennis, especially as far as his contribution to US Davis Cup.  He will be missed.  Federer said we undervalued Andy and we should enjoy him while we had him   Now, we don’t.

Speaking of Federer, sad, sad, sad.  Lost to Berdych in four sets.  Take nothing away from Berdych.  He took it to him.  I am not a Berdych fan myself but Federer seemed a bit flat to start the match.  I do not think the walkover he got from Fish withdrawing helped him, he seemed out of rhythm.  Hopefully, Federer will finish out the year strong like he did last year and take the year end final in London.  He is, after all, the undisputed best indoor player in the world and will retain his number one ranking in spite of tonight’s loss.  Never happy day for me when Federer does not win.

Tomorrow, let’s talk some pop culture news.

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