Speaking of Winners…Roger Federer news

From Army – Navy to Roger Federer, one class act to another.  Roger is in San Paulo, Brazil to play in an exhibition tournament.  A bit unusual for Mr. Federer this time of year. He is usually in Dubai, working on his fairly secret fitness regimen.  Apparently he is planning to play in the Rio Olympics in 2016.  He talks about planning his schedule so that he can hopefully maintain his high level of play and continue to compete at the top level.  He feels he will need to win two more Grand Slams and five to eight other tournament titles to to get back to number 1 (he is currently ranked at no.2).  He talks of needing to take care of his body, mind and of course, his family.  Hey, if Roger wants to play forever, I will be happy.  I hope he never stops playing, but that is not going to happen.  Like he once said of Andy Roddick, let’s appreciate him while we have him, because the day will come when we won’t.  With Federer, that is not likely to be anytime soon!  GO ROGER!!

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