Surprise at halftime in New Orleans

Surprise at halftime in New Orleans as 21 Louisville leads 3 Florida 24 – 10 in the Sugar Bowl.  Louisville took an interception back for a TD to shock the Gators at the beginning of the game.  Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater (Big East Player of the Year) has been superb.  Louisville head coach Charlie Strong is a former defensive coordinator at Florida.  The Gators have played what is considered to be the toughest schedule in the nation and have what is widely regarded as the nation’s best defense.  Not fazed, Bridgewater and Louisville are putting on a show.  Stay tuned…second half still to come  and final update tomorrow!

In college basketball, Duke and Davidson were tied 29 – 29 at the half.  Duke went on yet another of their patented runs (16 – 2) at the start of the second half and pulled away to secure a 67 – 50 victory.

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