Surviving “Paradise” Wednesday and more!

It is Surviving “Paradise” Wednesday, that magical (?) midweek day when I shamelessly promote my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver.  (Psst..there is also a screenplay….)  Anyhow, please check it out at!  It is available for $8.99 in paperback and $3.03 in kindle edition.  Follow a southern woman who relocates to a new town full of great expectations – only to be met by a ridiculous set of people and circumstances (in southwest Florida).  See the HOME page at this website for more info and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar! Surviving Paradise

This weekend the most prestigious award in College Football, The Heisman Trophy will be awarded!  The Heisman Award show will air on ESPN starting at 8:00 pm EST on Saturday night.  Can you say Marcus Mariota for the Heisman!  Also, Army vs. Navy this Saturday..a very special game, always about more than football and such a privilege to watch!

Tonight for our TV viewing pleasure..The Mysteries of Laura starring Debra Messing and Josh Lucas returns with a new episode (8:00 pm EST on NBC).  Also, a new episode of Nashville on ABC at 10:00 pm EST.

Last night gave us  New Girl and The Mindy Project (both great shows!) but my absolute favorite Tuesday guilty pleasure is About A Boy.  I just love this show!  #AboutABoy!  I loved the movie, I loved the book and I love the TV show!! Every time Will breaks into his Christmas song…”Won’t you ride on my run away sleigh…and we’ll all have a Merry Christmas”..well I just have to get up and sing along and dance!  I had an offer to sing it, tape it, and post it…well guys, be careful what you ask for..I just might do it!!  Tis the season!  Stay tuned….

Another awesome show…The Affair on Showtime.  It airs on Sunday nights at 10:00 pm EST.  Only two more episodes…someone dies and I don’t know but I feel some real drama and intrigue coming!

No Chicago Fire last night (boo!) but a really great show was on featuring Angelina Jolie and her upcoming movie Unbroken.  This looks really great and inspiring!  I am repeating the mantra, “if I can take it, I can make it”!!  Also coming out for the holiday box office extravaganza will be Into the Woods and Wild.  All look like must see movies!

Until later…”if I can take it, I can make it”! (It is a high of 46 in Atlanta, yuk!) I hate cold weather.

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