Surviving “Paradise” on Wednesday and isn’t she lovely!

It is Wednesday and you know what that means…Surviving “Paradise” day!  Also, it is the day when People Magazine announced the cover of their 25th anniversarySurviving Paradise Most Beautiful issue!  It is…drum roll please…Lupita Nyong’o!!  She is the Academy Award winning actress who starred in 12 Years A Slave ( and a grad of Yale School of drama!).  Nicely done People Magazine.  So funny to realize that this is the “25th anniversary” of this People Magazine tradition.  Last year’s winner, Gwyneth Paltrow was quite the controversial choice…people (no pun intended) either love her or hate her..there seems to be no middle ground.  I don’t anticipate there being that kind of controversy with this year’s choice.  Anyhow, I am a subscriber so I look forward to my issue.

Now, Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver is available at for $8.99 in paperback, $3.03 in kindle edition and $4.99 at Barnes and Noble nook.  Come on people (again, no pun intended!), how can you beat those bargain prices!  It is a funny, entertaining story about a southern woman who relocates to a new town (Sarasota, FL) only to be met by a ridiculous set of people and circumstances.  This kind of neighborhood drama and mayhem is unparalleled, and is laugh out loud funny to read about.  Check it out, please!!

Other entertainment news…Drew Barrymore and her husband had their second child and their second daughter yesterday…Frankie Barrymore Kopelman.  Congrats to this happy couple and family!!

Tonight, Nashville (ABC, 10:00 pm EST) returns with a new episode, albeit a very different one…a live concert with all the show’s stars performing in front of a live Nashville audience.  Should be very interesting…

Moving to sports…NBA playoff action last night saw the Pacers (what has been up with them, number one seed in the East over Miami?) evening their series with Atlanta, and Toronto taking a surprising 2-0 lead over the Chicago Bulls (in Chicago).  The Western playoffs continue tonight.  Have to say…n0 Lakers, no Kobe…my interest level is not the same.  Still..congrats to San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich for winning Coach of the Year!  Well deserved.  Also, J. Noah of the Bulls is Defensive Player of Year and let’s hear it for Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder who SHOULD finally unseated “The King, LeBron” as MVP!!  Go Durant and the Thunder…actually I am sort of pulling for the Spurs…would have liked to see them win last year (they could have and should have in game six!)

Finally, The Boston Marathon took place on Monday, one year after the horrific circumstances that resulted in so much pain and loss last year.  An American, Meb Ketlezighi (gee, I hope I got that right) won the marathon for the first time since 1983.  How wonderful!!  Congrats to him and to Boston…the tradition continues and it was beautiful to see this year!

Enjoy your “hump day”!  Until later…

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