Terrific Tuesday on TV and more!

It is Tuesday folks…and a a terrific Tuesday on TV for those of us “couch potatoes”, ha ha!  TNT offers us Rizzoli and Isles and then the great new show starring Eric McCormack, Perception.  Meanwhile, FX offers Tyrant (hey, this show intrigues me, no matter how troubling,  but I love The Following with Kevin Bacon on the ABC fall lineup so I don’t know for sure what that says about me!) and also Chasing Life on ABC Family Network.  A big night of work for the old DVR for sure.  I really enjoy Chasing Life and I think this is the next to last show in this new series for our summer viewing pleasure?  Maybe, we will see tonight.

Moving to sports news…still nothing on the “Love”, as in Kevin Love.  Where will he go?  The Cavs, the Bulls?  He will not play for Teams USA nor will Blake Griffin of the Clippers due to a small fracture in his back.  Gee, the hits just keep on coming for Team USA!

Meanwhile, I guess I would remiss not to address the whole Ray Rice…Stephen A. Smith…Michelle Beadle cluster…..!  First of all, Roger Goodell really disappointed me in his very lax response to this incident.  You do not put you hands on a woman and Goodell has really been very good up to this point about addressing issues of misconduct in the NFL.  Big “F” on this one.  Meanwhile, as far as Smith vs. Beadle?…First, I did not see Stephen A. Smith’s rant (he has many, one has to say) but I do support Beadle in standing up for her beliefs and calling out a fellow ESPN correspondent.  I do not think Stephen A. Smith supports violence against women, but his comments were a bit confusing??  Good for Beadle in standing up for her beliefs…always proud to be a woman when I see someone like her do that!!  You go Girl!  Not to mention, violence of any kind is NEVER acceptable unless you are defending yourself/and or family.  But, I also believe emotional and psychological abuse is sometimes just as horrible and devastating.  The scars are not as visible, but they are there non the less!!  To be a bully is to be a coward.  We need to be kind to one another, and treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve.  To be on the other end of any kind of abuse is never fun and can be traumatizing.  Hope everyone heals in time from this horrible event.  Kudos again to Beadle..have to say..you leave SportsNation with Colin Cowherd (on of my favorite sports shows of all time) in Connecticut to go to NYC and work for NBC Sports and Access Hollywood.  For whatever reason, it did not work out and you come back to a “new” SportsNation, live from LA!  What star are you living under…I want to live under that star!!  Anyhow…well done!

Always stand up for yourself people and do not allow yourself to be torn down by bullies…be kind and rewind…until tomorrow!

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