TGIF College Football and Grey’s Anatomy

What is up with Grey’s Anatomy?  I do not even recognize that show.  People died, people are still dying (the good looking Mark played by Eric Dane died last night).   There are so many new faces, Christina is no longer in Seattle, and the dynamics are all over the place.  Did recognize one of the new residents as the former football standout Smash Williams on the superb Friday Night Lights.  “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!!”

Speaking of football, tomorrow is College Football Day in America. 1 Bama at Tennessee,  5 UGA vs. Tennessee,  4 FSU at South Florida, 17 Clemson (without Sammy Watkins) at Boston College, 10 Texas vs. 22 Oklahoma State,  6 South Carolina vs. Kentucky, 24 Baylor vs. 7 West Virginia and the showcase game of the day, 14 Ohio State vs. 18 Michigan State.  No real upsets in site.  Tennessee is not ready for prime time.  Some see  South Florida as a trap game for FSU, I expect FSU to prevail with ease.  Speaking of West Virginia, the school has issued a video urging its students to stop the “tradition” of burning couches!!  Thank heavens for small miracles!

GT will attempt to recover from the travesty that was the Miami games last Saturday and pound on Middle Tennessee State.  GO JACKETS!

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